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You've heard it said "The money is in the list." There are some truths that are everlasting and this is one of them. However, the challenge for many is that it takes money, dedication and time to build the list.

Imagine a system that builds the list for you. Imagine a system that was integrated into a network of email marketing websites capable of offering you thousands and thousands of potential customers. Imagine making a significant residual income as you partner with us in building our network?

There's no need to imagine anymore. As a member of Masters Marketing Network, SafelistXL provides you all these things and more.

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Membership Levels

We Only Pay One Level Of Referrals

Membership Level FREE
Mail Every... 72 Hours 12 Hours 6 Hours
Send Emails To... Free Free & Silver All Members
# Of Emails You Can Send 3,000 every 72 hours 6,000 every 12 hours 6,000 every 6 hours
# Of Emails Received Daily 100 150 Unlimited
Email Free Referrals Yes Yes Yes
Maximum # Of Templates 5 10 15
Monthly Credits 200 40,000 60,000
Monthly Banner Impressions 0 500 1,000
Monthly Text Impressions 0 500 1,000
Referral Credits 3% 7% 12%
Credits Per Click 15 25 35
Banner/Credit Impressions 5 15 25
# Of Sites You Can Track 5 25 50
# Of Rotators 0 1 5
Schedule Mail In Advance N/A 7 Days 30 Days
Commissions 10% 25% Up To 35%


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